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Jun. 29th, 2010 12:03 am
[personal profile] hofmann

  • 08:20 So I left the garage open and all the grilling stuff out last nite in the rain. Oops. Cleaning that up before work was fun.
  • 13:14 @JediRacer8 our stop in Ft. Wayne actually got canceled. Kinda glad b/c we've got a concert the 2 nites after that.
  • 13:27 @JediRacer8 yeah there have been a lot of weird scheduling decisions this time around. Glad I didn't have to deal with it.
  • 14:10 Someone on the Pegasus QA team named their baby Liam today. Pssh that is so 4.5 years ago.
  • 14:28 @iam2faboo I feel so left out. All the cool kids are doing it.
  • 14:44 @murray1134 wow, hi, season finale costume spoilers.
  • 14:46 @hofmann hahaha altho that would certainly be awesome...
  • 14:50 @murray1134 oh, yeah, the costume is a huge spoiler for the finale. I watched it yesterday.
  • 18:06 watching the trailers on the (500) Days of Summer DVD made us think of 5 movies to add to our Netflix queue. #win
  • 18:08 PS I have the distinct feeling I'm going to hate this movie, but we'll see.
  • 19:36 hey, that was actually good. I was worried it was gonna be 20-something hipster shit, but I liked it.
  • 20:30 @katiecandraw you really need to draw you at your art table with a baby clawing out of you Aliens style. Company logo right there.
  • 20:38 @edcookdotorg but why is the rum gone?
  • 21:31 @edcookdotorg that's why you have Short Circuit 2 on DVD ::ducks::
  • 22:21 The porn industry is ditching Flash for HTML5. I can finally get that iPad now.

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