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Jun. 30th, 2010 12:03 am
[personal profile] hofmann

  • 08:52 @agirlcalledbob gah I really need to order fabric this week.
  • 10:47 I had to close 2 programs in order to rename a folder so I could email it. That's not annoying at all or anything.
  • 10:50 @sbh_DTindy plan on being there in about 7 hours depending on my ability to find a good parking space :)
  • 12:24 Standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear to the Bublé concert while quoting Glee. #Ireallylikegirls
  • 13:12 @bdlkurz I'm at least 65% positive. Maybe even a little more.
  • 16:48 RT @bretterlich: Twilight's like soccer. They run around for 2 hours, nobody scores, and its billion fans insist you just don't understand.
  • 17:33 Dinner at @brewhouse DT and then the Bublé concert. Good way to spend the evening.
  • 18:00 @PaulPoteet me too! I'll see you there since it's such a small venue and all that.
  • 18:22 @dreamingtree ... And?
  • 18:32 45 min wait at @brewhouse DT. Shoulda called ahead. Gonna wait anyway.
  • 18:57 Actual wait at @brewhouse was only 20. Win.
  • 20:00 Will call ftl.
  • 20:03 And do ppl not know how to dress for things anymore? Christ.
  • 20:06 @dreamingtree I'm still in will call dude.
  • 21:00 @dreamingree beer was $7.
  • 21:03 This crowd is slightly different than the one at Gaga.
  • 21:08 No Bublé cosplayers either. Disappointing.
  • 21:11 Did u hear that? That was the sound of 5000 pairs of panties dropping.
  • 22:54 That was great
  • 23:09 Back to @brewhouse for half price apps and $2 beers.
  • 23:25 @brewhouse do I get a 2 visits in 1 day bonus?

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