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Jul. 8th, 2010 12:02 am
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  • 09:21 @whatevers last time I saw Kylie, she was helping Doctor Who stop the space ship Titanic from crashing into Buckingham Palace.
  • 10:30 @katiecandraw can I get it if I'm credited as guy who likes cats on rye bread with mayonnaise? or as @hewhodoesntweet's fashion consultant?
  • 18:33 @dreamingtree
  • 18:35 @dreamingtree wow I only sent those yesterday...
  • 20:26 @quackdamnyou YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH
  • 20:34 @edcookdotorg I'm just gonna be drunk.
  • 20:36 @edcookdotorg I would pay good money to see that
  • 20:38 @edcookdotorg that's probably true. I always like a good sleep.
  • 20:41 @dreamingtree please get a picture of you using Ed as a pillow.
  • 20:47 @dreamingtree no, that's K-9 dude
  • 20:50 @quackdamnyou you know, some of us are trying to watch the series finale.
  • 20:51 When I see Bamber at Dragon*Con, I'm gonna ask him what product he used in his hair in the finale.
  • 20:53 @notashamed uh, mithter bamber, when you were in battlestar galactica? were you upset that helmets ruined your hair?
  • 20:56 @quackdamnyou
  • 20:59 @dreamingtree it's sad how excited I am for that pancake breakfast on sunday
  • 21:05 @edcookdotorg omg 8 stories of taco truck
  • 21:05 @edcookdotorg I might have to change my pants now
  • 21:11 @quackdamnyou Gooshie!
  • 21:24 @quackdamnyou Lee's hoping there's a hair salon right over the ridge.
  • 21:27 @quackdamnyou hahahahaha I totally thought that said the Netherlands the first time I read that.
  • 21:38 there's something in my eye
  • 22:42 @PlaidGirl shortly after he was Cowboy Curtis.

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