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Jul. 10th, 2010 12:02 am
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  • 08:46 I may or may not have started my D*C schedule spreadsheet last nite. 55 days before the con. Maybe. Ok, I did.
  • 12:13 So glad I set my DVR last nite to record Gaga on the Today Show. Totally spaced it this morning. I know you all were worried.
  • 12:57 @murray1134 depends on what you want in your best time of the year-- best themeing, best crowds, best weather?
  • 12:58 @murray1134 overall though I'd say go at Halloween. Best of everything.
  • 13:17 Have I ever mentioned how much I suck at grocery shopping? It's true.
  • 13:50 There is an 'anomaly response team' vehicle in front of me. Really? Really? Wow.
  • 14:47 @Counseling_Jedi sorry I didn't get a pic. I should've but didn't get the chance. It was a black Aztec with green text on it.
  • 14:47 @leftygirl yup
  • 14:48 @dreamingtree I hope not b/c I am not wearing black pleather for anyone.
  • 17:00 I'm glad the boys don't have British accents or else I could never be mad at them. I'd be all aw little British kid go play.
  • 17:33 @notashamed it must be b/c it's 5:30 here.
  • 17:48 Off to ft wayne. Feel free to call since it's 2.5 hrs.
  • 22:34 So I guess they're selling deep fried butter at the 3 Rivers Festival this wknd. Yeah.

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