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Jul. 11th, 2010 12:02 am
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  • 06:25 I have star trekkin' in my head this morning. It's odd. Let's troop.
  • 08:46 They want the RFTs to hold the banner today. Yeah. No.
  • 09:45 Gave in. Holding the banner.
  • 09:57 Alright we've been waiting for 3 hrs. Let's roll.
  • 11:38 Mmm Ft Wayne derby girls...
  • 12:02 I dunno if ppl know this? But ft wayne is a dump.
  • 13:37 @notashamed do something inappropriate w a swizzle stick for me.
  • 15:21 Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear just said a car cornered like a Cylon interceptor. Win.
  • 15:30 Then they used the theme from Twin Peaks to show a beauty shot of a car and now they're looking at the Batmobile. I love this show.
  • 19:18 watching Azkaban and GOF on ABC Family until Doctor Who comes on #pullingahofmann
  • 19:36 @varza not a rumor. that's true.
  • 20:03 Two observations: 1. I don't understand why Liam needs to get completely naked when he poops.
  • 20:08 and 2. I'm kinda upset that Bill Nighy is in "Vincent and the Doctor" b/c he can't be on the show again unless they need art critics.
  • 20:10 @gandalfbmg talk to them about trooping. our troop with our derby team is our favorite of the year :)
  • 22:41 I know it probably goes without saying? But Katy Perry is delicious.
  • 23:00 @notashamed I'm afraid you are mistaken
  • 23:08 @gandalfbmg ha if I came out there I'd wear my Tusken ;)
  • 23:22 @iam2faboo yeah ya do

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