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Jul. 16th, 2010 12:02 am
[personal profile] hofmann

  • 09:36 @agirlcalledbob 49 ::drops dead::
  • 09:52 @katiecandraw aw stupid not living in West Lafayette anymore... have a vito for me!
  • 09:56 It's all @ladygaga today on the iTunes today since no one felt like giving me tickets to the concert tonite #badlittlemonster
  • 11:00 So the Target version of Lego Harry Potter comes with a copy of Sorcerer's Stone on DVD, and the fam is buying it there. (cont.)
  • 11:01 When H said that it came with the DVD and she was gonna look elsewhere, Ewan said well, it's not like Dad doesn't have 5 copies of ANH.
  • 11:02 (Of course I actually have 8 copies of A New Hope, but who's counting.)
  • 11:06 @murray1134 I was counting Adywan's version anyway, so we're tied ;)
  • 11:19 @whatevers there better be painted lightning bolts and glitter and/ or sequins involved or you're doing it wrong.
  • 12:40 @McDonalds are McRibs not available everywhere yet?
  • 12:40 @katiecandraw if it's not on your bucket list, you might as well run off to Tora Bora and join your friends in Al Qaeda.
  • 16:41 Omg it's skeery out here.
  • 17:21 And @501stLegion , @rebellegion RT @TrekMovie: George Takei to perform w/ #Indianapolis Symphony July 16-17 #ohmy
  • 17:22 My boots for my Trek costume came today too. Glad I got the large for my giant ass calves.
  • 18:39 @homermt we gave up and got Chinese :)
  • 20:47 iTunes has a bunch of sci fi pilots available for free right now!
  • 20:54 Aw Doral canceled his D*C appearance
  • 21:17 @notashamed you might want to go to SDCC
  • 21:43 pants for my Trek costume = ordered. time to tackle the fabric for the top issue. ugh.
  • 21:55 @murray1134 yeah I did both a long time ago
  • 23:34 Wow, Lego Harry Potter is hard.

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