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Birthdate:Sep 19
Location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
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Strengths: Sense of humor, dashing good looks, knowledge of pop culture icons, my ability to put people in a trance with only my charm and talent. Most important of all, however, is my humble and giving nature.

Weaknesses: Like all men, I have but one weakness, women. I can't say no to them. It's like Kryptonite with breasts.

Special Skills: Can name the entire Barenaked Ladies music catalogue, double jointed in the hands, can eat his weight at Godfather's Pizza

Weapons: Only my good looks and cunning nature. Oh, and the tool shed.

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Feel free to friend me, but be sure you comment in the journal somewhere rather than randomly adding me. I probably won’t add you back if you don’t.

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Matt Hofmann

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George Lucas made fun of Uranus and talks back to the book.
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iam2faboo: Matt's feet smell like death and nothing takes the stentch out of couch cushions.
barbiejedi: I would totally have 439863409 of your babies.
dadateacher: you're pretty cool, for a republican.
oopsadaizy: haha i second that one.
sedona_red: Third it! :P
starcast1c: I could watch star wars on mute and you'd be able to say all the lines...
notashamed: I like my Matty because he calls me an angel, will drink Captain and Coke with me, wore a yellow bracelet with me and is always willing to talk about hot chicks with me. And if you buy him enough alcohol, he'll do a magic trick for you.
lostambitions: matt is filled with boilermaker pride.
all5horizons: Matt performs the best drunken cartwheels and tells one hell of a good story.

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i"m in ravenclaw!

The Force will be with you. Always.

Star Wars is love.

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