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I'm feeling guilted into posting something with substance b/c Michelle has been posting. If you read my tweets, follow me on twitter, or read my facebook you know what I've been up to, but I'll post something real here.

Actually, Chris brought up the good point that while I said the other day that I was already busy almost every week already until June that I hadn't posted my updated calendar in LJ, so I shall do that.

Over the weekend we had a double troop, both of them being good in their own ways. Saturday we trooped for Fanboys out in Avon. Pretty good movie. People outside of fandom wouldn't think it was funny, but I quite enjoyed it.

Sunday was a troop in Noblesville for twin boys with CP who needed a wheelchair van. There were over 20 of us I think, and we were a surprise for the boys, which was great. Wonderful event. One of those "this is why we do this" kinds of events. I'll have pics up on Facebook later.

So, rest of the spring--

3/6-8 -- Watchmen/ BSG with Chris and Bethany on Friday, then my parents' for Nate's wrestling tournament Saturday, breakfast with everyone Sunday
3/13-15 -- Nothing
3/20-22 -- Heather's mom is in town/ series finale of BSG (gods no)
3/26-29 -- MN for Jay and Rob's wedding (!)/ Mall of America/ Heather's Swedish sweater exhibit (yeah, I dunno either)
4/3-5 -- Bloodfin Garrison meeting
4/10-12 -- Nothing
4/17-19 -- Gold and Black game (BTFU)/ Springfest
4/24-26 -- Silent auction for the boys' school
5/2-10 -- DISNEY WORLD and Star Trek movie premiere
5/15-17 -- Wedding anniversary
5/22-24 -- Nothing
5/29-31 -- Naptown Roller Girls event

I know there's some other movies and stuff coming out that'll get added to the calendar and other assorted stuff, but that's the 50,000 ft level right now. Then in June we'll probably go to the Harry Potter exhibit in Chicago one weekend, Heather and the boys go to TN at some point in July, not to mention the impending arrival of my nephew and the parade of July birthdays, and then August we'll be deep in Dragon*Con prep. Time goes by so fast...

Found out this morning we're still getting our $500 bonus at work, so the money we lost from buying the dryer is coming right back. Hopefully we'll be able to hold onto that cash until we go to Disney.

Everything else is pretty good. The boys are doing well, Heather's hours have been cut at Turget, but she wasn't enjoying working there all that much anyway, so yeah, and I'm still employed, so I can't complain there. Still a couple weeks out from knowing just how employed I am, but I at least know I still have a job.

That's all I got. K bye.



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